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Rosie's Story

The idea of Rosie’s Garden sprouted from the minds of Michele and Thomas Harris, on whose land the garden grows. They envisioned a place that would not only provide fresh produce for those in need (rather than all the canned stuff), but also offer opportunities for organizations or youth groups to volunteer by working the land a developing an appreciation for how food is grown and harvested. 

The garden is named in loving memory of the late Rose Harris, Thomas’s mother and beloved matriarch of the family, who inspired everyone with her giving spirit. Thomas’s father, master gardener Tom Harris, oversaw the bed and soil preparation and first planting, and was a vital part of the garden until his passing in September 2016.
Rosie’s Garden has already “outgrown” it’s original location and was moved to a larger property. The Holy Spirit is the guiding force behind the Harris’s efforts, so by design, the cross is quite literally at the heart of the garden. A large wooden cross is at the center of 36 raised beds, themselves arranged in a cross. The beauty of the garden provides food for the soul as well as the table.

It seems only natural that a man whose mother’s name was Rose, whose father was a master gardener, and whose wife’s maiden name is Root would start a community garden. The idea that began as a mere seed is now yielding every vegetable imaginable for those in need, and all are invited to volunteer at planting and harvesting times. Join Rosie’s Garden in their efforts to “Grow love, show love.”

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